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“Two years ago OPEC+ output was 2.2 million b/d higher than it is now. Total non-OPEC+ crude oil output is 3.1 million higher now, with more than half that growth coming from the United States alone. Put another way, OPEC+ has had to make room for the rising output of others or face downward pressure on prices.”    R. Rapier

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This is a shaleprofile chart of Reeves County HZ wells thru 2021, normalized for lateral length. It shows that well productivity per 1000 feet of length was the worse it had been since 2016. 

Its not gotten better since 2021, its gotten worse, and rarely now does the public have access to well productivity on a normalized basis. It matters for well economics and it matters for the area of rock getting properly drained to maximize EUR's. 

If we gauge the definition of well productivity by the standard number of months the well has been on line, say 6 months, things look peachy. But if you normalize those wells for lateral length or pounds of proppant per 1,000 feet of lateral, it does not look good at all. 

And if we change the time frame the well has been on line to say 12 months, we see decline rates have gone from 55% the first year the first 8 years the play was on, to 75% the first year and EUR's

are going down. That means that front loading wells for cash flow is reducing recovery rates and leaving valuable American oil behind, stranded, never to be recovered. 

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