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Ms. Etta was always raggin' on the oil and gas industry, going as far back as the 1960's. This cartoon above is dated 1981 and seems relevant, again, today. Click on the image, left, to read more about her. She was a hoot !

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This is really relevant to me, as a Landman drilling gas wells in Appalachia back in the '80's. See the coal operators HATED us, as we were stealing market share for power generation. We needed coal owner/operator approval for our location BEFORE the permit could be issued. They almost never gave it, and by law, did not have to...

Meanwhile, as Ms. Etta was referring to, Big Oil was facing Windfall Profits Tax, while natgas* prices were in the toilet. The result was a tax credit for gas produced from 'tight', or non-conventional reservoirs. It ended up paying producers more through the tax credit than the gas was worth.

So, is this a cartoon of a stubbed toe, or a…

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