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You buy article this if you wish; I don't. Data does not support that wells are getting better. For all the reasons that this article mentions, HZ wells IP at higher rates, which in turn creates more oil (cash flow) faster, but after month 18-20 these tight oil wells are falling like a CEO that has jumped off the
tallest building in Midland.

These new wells are NOT going to have higher EUR's, will not make as much return on investment, and will not help America's long term hydrocarbon future. The article, like most journalism these days, falls short of telling  the entire truth. 

But for most readers it makes them feel better about their oil future, right? The US tight oil sector, with the help of technology, has turned it around. We have decades left, right? 

Buy Exxon shares, quick. They are going to be producing 2 MM BOEPD in just three years...
with new frac tecnhiques. 

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