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For every America in the country who does not know where oil and gas comes from, or cares, there is an equal number of Americans who don't know where electricity comes from, or cares. 

The EV, reneawable energy to feed EV belief system  comes mostly from climate change fanatics and urbanites who live and breathe in the city and don't have far to go to do anything. They don't pour concrete, frame buildings, lay asphalt, feed cattle or grow soybeans. They are mostly upper middle income to upper income, highly educated and believe the have the intellectual and moral high ground over others in America, like Middle Americans, and need to protect the rest of the country from evil fossil fuels by putting solar panels and wind turbines everywhere... except, of course, in their backyards.

Like Art suggests, these urbanites whine like little girls about being hooked on hydrocarbons, while they are hooked, desperately, on electricity.  Their city lives would cease without electricity.

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