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There Goes the Neighborhood

This looks like a lesson in basket weaving, uh? Its an area of OXY and EOG (mostly EOG) wells in Bone Springs benches of Loving County.

There is a reason that EOG is the biggest tight oil producer in the country; it don't dilly dally around. It drills 'em as long as leases, units and blocks will allow, as fast as they can be drilled, stuffs 'em with as much sand and water as they can take, then guts 'em for the highest IP's possible, for a long as possible, before the bottom falls out. It packs 'em in a block like a game of Pixie Sticks, then moves on down the highway.

15% recovery rates of oil place? Phfffttttttt. Screw that pressure preservation shit; that's for weenies that put EUR's before free cash flow.

Look Ma, no wells in Loving County in 2023.

Next stop: Lea County, New Mexico...just a few thousand feet cross the State line on this TRRC GIS map.

And when EOG is done in Lea County, like it is in Loving County, Katie bar the door on Permian Basin, and United States, tight oil production.


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