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Left to right, Wayne Lansford, Mike Shellman, James Tuppen and David Thompson, Boots and Coots, Inc., Houston, Texas

Second generation.  all taught by Boots Hansen and Coots Matthews;, three of the best well control hands in the entire world. What a privilege, and an honor to call them my friends and to have been able to work with them around the world. 

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"80-83% of all tight oil wells drilled in the US today do nothing more than offset annualized legacy decline. The 17-20% of all tight oil wells drilled in the US today that analysts and pundits rely on for "growth" each year, decline 70-85% their first year of production life. Gassy oil wells are becoming oily gas wells and everyone, in all the major shale basins, drilled their best locations years ago.

Now they are running out of drilling inventory."     Mike Shellman

Midland Basin Correlative Interval.png

This stratigraphic column  of the Midland Basin along a  NNW to SSE cross section shows the core area along the cross section (insert) and the correlative interval  between the three largest producing benches in the sub-basin (insert).  Between the top of the Lower Spraberry and base of the Wolfcamp B is about 1800 feet. Don't kid yourself if you think there is not horizontal communication between parent child-wells, AND vertical communication between benches. Theres LOTS ! 

The Spraberry Consolidated Field, the TRRC field designation all these HZ wells are drilled in, covers a vertical interval of 4,000 feet. Opertors do not have to tell what bench they are drilling to. The only way to know is to take deviation forms filed with the TRRC with completion reports, look for the point of first penetration in TVD and correlated to other nearby well logs, or other deviation reports and make half-assed educated guesses as to what bench is being completed

Or, you can believe what operators tell you in the Power Point decks, and IP's and takes your chances. Operators never lie to the TRRC, no sir; not EVER.


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