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Dracula Had Gas

Transylvania is a province in middle Romania known for, among other things, folklores about a fella named Dracula that wandered around at night seeking to drain people of their life blood. Kind of like the Boogie Man does to oilmen in S. Texas.

In an area around the village of Saros pe Tarnave in Transylvania, some really good gas wells were discovered in Cambrian age sandstones in the early 1930's. Eventually lots of this gas made its way down to Bucharest. The photograph above is a gas well in the area of Tarnave with a neat protective fence around it. I think. [1]

The gate and the stuff above the door is a little spooky, really. It kind of reminds me of this feller on the left and, come to think of it, I think that's garlic growing around the flowline.

All the old 14th century churches in the village of Saros pe Tarnave are heavily fortified for some reason, with moats, thick, protective walls and guard towers, like the one in the photo above taken in 2018. Yikes!


[1] ETH Library in Zurich, Switzerland, Photographer, Amos Chapel; 1939


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