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Adair; 1988

This is a little Chalk well blowout near Round Top-Carmine in Fayette County, Texas. Red is 75 years old at the time. The well is capped and its going to diverter. Red's cleaned up, got his Rolex on...its photo time. This, clearly, is a man comfortable in his surroundings.

Cool guy, Red. Always respectful of others, polite, open... and humble. Talk your ear off but equally interested in what you had to say. It was hard to not immediately be taken with him.

Gawd, I wish I could tell just half the stories I know about Mr. Adair. Those stories are hilarious and indicative of the fact that he was, all things considered, just another hand in the oilfield capable of having big fun when the occasion arose. You do not do what he, and Coots, and Boots did with their lives without flat ass getting twisted off sometimes and doing really dumb ass stuff. Like all of us.

Most people wouldn't get that so its better to tell his stories among people like him, who do get it. Pity though; all of them add to his legend, not take away from it. He was quite...colorful.

I reckon I'd trade about 3 oil wells for that hard hat.


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