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Fittie Pub, Aberdeen Harbor, established 200 years ago.

There are joints all around the world but we just like to focus on oilfield joints at Oily Stuff and Aberdeen is very oily. It is the jumping on and jumping off place for a large part of the North Sea.

Fittie is a quant little place where a fella coming off a workboat and 50 foot seas can get three pints, some fish and chips, and another four pints very easily before stumbling home to the misses. There's no missing the Fitties pub, its just two doors down from Halli's yard. Look for the cement/sand bins and turn left.

I suspect there have been a number of fist fights in this bar, like all oilfield wine shops; some were probably related to the Manchester United football team. No, those guys don't play the Cowboys, geez.

Dump the carrots and peas (too good for you) and this is the makings of a good, post hitch beer meal.

The harbor in Aberdeen is a good way from the two big Heliports servicing the oil sector and I suspect those fellers have their own joints to go to. Ftties, on the other hand, is for the workboat fellas. Those are the brave Scots and English souls that get hurled around in the great North Sea washing machine. You guys are tough

sumbitches and I'd buy you a pint in a Midland minute. I like Manchester United, by the way!

Aberdeen Harbor; Fittie Pub on the right, down the street from Halliburton

I'm pretty good offshore up to a six foot rolling swell. After that I'd call dibs on this chair sitting out in front of Fittie Bar, Aberdeen, and I'd just park my Texas ass there. Before I go on my last hitch I want to sample all of Scotland's scotch in all of Scotland's pubs...this might be a good place to start.

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