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25 Year Kuwait Reunion

This is a photo, from left to right, of Richard Hatteburg, David Thompson, Raymond Henry, Dave Wilson & Mike Shellman.

Richard and Raymond worked for Red Adair for 25 years before buying Boots and Coots, Inc. in 1998. Raymond was with Red on the Ixtoc disaster in Mexico and on the Piper Alpha tragedy in the North Sea, just to name a few of the thousands of jobs he has been on in his career. Richard is in his 70's and still working for Boots and Coots International, now a Halliburton company...still going on blowouts and fires. Richard actually worked for the great Myron Kinley, the father of oil well firefighting and blowout control in the 1950's. Richard is a legend. David Thompson was a lead off hand for Boots and Coots, Inc. and and after doing stints with Wild Well Control and Cudd Well Control is now a consultant for EOG. Dave Wilson was with ABB Vetco Gray in Kuwait and took many of the photographs that Mike exhibited around the country and eventually gifted to the George H. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

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