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We Have a Winner !!

This person is Joe Biden's nominee for the Office of Comptroller of Currency. Her name is Saule Omarova and she received the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship at Moscow State University; her thesis was on Marxism.

On Wednesday she was quoted as saying the Biden plan for moving on to Flintstone cars as fast as possible and preventing mass extinction from climate change, should be to to starve the oil and gas industry of all capital; "we WANT them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change." This nomination should give you some idea of just how fucked up this administration is regarding energy and a rational, affordable transition to renewables.

In that Ms. Omarova now has her foot now squarely planted in her mouth and will never be able to walk these comments back far enough, we do not expect her to actually be nominated.

So that she is not disappointed and receives some recognition for her nomination, however brief that might have actually been, Ms. Omarova WILL receive the Oily Stuff Blog, Dumb As a Crate Of Rocks Award for 2021 with our sincere congratulations.


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