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Tighter Than Dick's Hatband

So here we've got, count 'em, five hands tightening this bull plug with a 48 and a cheater pipe that's at least 15 feet long. Clearly the plan is to leave no threads showing and the foreman seems to be looking at that very thing in this photo. The second hand down the line looks plum give out and pissed off about having his picture taken. If you got something to say him, hep yourself; not me.

The problem with this operation, as I see it, is someday that bull plug is going to have to be broken back out and it'll take the same number of hands, with the same cheater and a 16 pound hammer to whup on it for 15 minutes to warm it up. The thing is, its always a different bunch of hands that have to break it out, than made it up.

Therein lies the origin of that age-old expression used in oilfields around the world for the past 140 years... G'damnit, who made THIS sumbitch up ?!! F*&king worms !!


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