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Technological Advances In the Texas Oil & Gas Industry

Its a hot son of a bitch in the Texas oilfield these days.

When the weatherman says 106 F, that's in the shade. On a limestone or caliche pad its 112 F and in S. Texas we have a heat index thing that includes humidity and that can often be 118. It rivals the Middle East, I'm telling 'ya. If the wind is blowing it feels like a hair dryer and if it isn't blowing your losing brain cells and looking for sombra like your life depends on it, which it generally does. These are the summers you wish you were back working morning tours.

If at first light its already 85, it's gonna be a long day.

And if you are a workover hand, whoa Nellie. If you don't have two pairs of gloves on when you pick up a cheater pipe, your on your way to the hospital with 2nd degree burns.

I use to think cool down trailers were for sissies; no mas, brother.

The best part about these summers is you can turn off all your heater treaters. 2% BS&W in a stock tank for 24 hours its 1/10th of 1% and good to go.

Yesterday the Texas grid reached a record drawdown. It's only mid July...we've got two full months of this yet to go.

My advice to Californians and other people up north thinking about moving to Texas is come for a visit in mid August, stay a few days, then refocus on Idaho. You'll be way better off and so will we. It a race in Texas to see which we run out of first, oil, water or air conditioning.


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