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Smart Tower; 2021

This, folks, is Ftai's Ocean Smart Tower being completed in the United Kingdom. This massive thing weighs 1,400 tons...its a workover rig ! No shit.

This engineering marvel will be set on the ship, below (photo is a model) and is designed to pull production strings, rack back pipe for multiple trips to set plugs, make casing cuts, etc.; it has the hook load capacity to pull risers and casing strings during plugging interventions, can pick up subsea wellheads and production manifolds...its primary purpose is to abandon and decommission platforms in the North Sea. Its got cranes and built into the tower as well and complete coiled tubing capabilities.

If I was a young man again, THIS is what I would invest my money in...plugging and decommissioning wells. Offshore, onshore, swamps, mountains; cold, hot, wet, dry. There are tens of thousands of these things all over the world that, unless society collapses completely, will have to be plugged someday.


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