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Nordic-Calista; Alaska, 2018

This is Nordic-Calista Rig 3 on her way to work in late 2018. She's been hired by Accumulate Energy Alaska to drill its Charlie No. 1, about 8 miles west of the Dalton Highway, south of the North Slope about 40 miles.

Rig 3 can only work in the winter, off ice roads and ice pads. It looks like a company car is pulling her down the Dalton ice highway but not, no. Her entire power pack is contained, below the pipe yard, similar to a drilling barge in Louisiana, and I would imagine all of her draw works, mud pump and generator engines, boilers, etc. were started before they left the yard down in Fairbanks and will not be turned off save for service until she heads for home when things start to thaw out in about five months.

Its cold in her work place and they need for it be cold, like way below zero all winter long. As temperatures rise toward say 10 degrees above zero, folks start to get nervous about being able to make it back to the yard before spring arrives.

The Dalton Highway is also called the Alaskan Highway, or the Artic Highway. Its a long, cold drive from Fairbanks to Deadhorse.

In the summer its kind of a pretty drive; in the winter, I don't think so much. This is Ice Road Truckers territory.

If you click on this video, above, it will take you to Nordic's website where you can see Rig 3's entire package and watch a cool videos of her at work.

I admire the hell out of this stuff. This is the real oil business, though not one this 'ol tired roughneck from S. Texas would want a piece of, no sir. 50 above is cold for me; 50 below is a no go.

And here's a pisser...there are no joints in Deadhorse to warm up in; alcohol is not allowed on the North Slope. There is a sign outside of town, on the Dalton Highway, that reads..."All That Far and Still No Bar."


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