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Ms. Catherine

Don't be fooled by how beautiful Catherine is; she is a hell of an oilfield hand. She can tally pipe, weigh and take viscosities on drilling mud, use a cutting torch, weld and manage selective perforating tasks using cased hole gamma ray, CCL logs. She loves the oilfield ! She is always up, ready to go, and never whines about how hard it is. And the rest of our employees respect her for it.

She use to book and promote all my speaking engagements and in another life, before me and Texas, was a model and actress.

Now days Catherine acts as our preliminary, in-house whole effluent toxicity (WET) biologist on fresh, produced water discharges. She played a primary role in finding alternative WET test species in TIE and TRE methodology that was acceptable to the EPA and Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) and helped perform bio-assays of various aquatic habitat in receiving streams full of fresh, produced water, all of which led to successful discharge permit applications with the EPA and TRRC in 2014.

It would be a BIG mistake for anybody to think they can out work Catherine. She can outwork most men I know.

Catherine is the company drone pilot; we have to have three drones because one is always on the way to get fixed, one is coming back from gettin fixed and that leaves one we can use. Trees seem to always get in the way of her flying.

She catches bigger Permit than I do, which I try and overlook as much as I can...

My friends say I way out kicked my coverage. 100% on that!


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