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KOC On the Move

Rig moves are the most arduous, stressful part of the entire drilling operation (for hands, truck drivers and company men alike); the man in charge has to make sure a mass of rig components (all loaded out on trucks floats sitting on the highway at an un Godly hourly rate) are brought in at the right time, and precisely the right place, without anybody getting run over and killed, or something dropped that kills somebody, or that somebody like the tool pusher or company man do not have heart attacks and die stressing out over all this stuff.

All of this happening at lightening speed and the entire location looks like bumper cars that are not bumping into each other, hopefully. I'd sooner take a big gas kick and sit on a choke manifold sweating bullets for 3 days than be in charge of a big rig move that involves say, 40 loads of shit.

So, they don't dick around much with rig moves in the Middle East, in places like the giant, Burgan oil field in Kuwait. They build rigs very mobile that can simply be driven out through the sand, from one location to the next. They leave the derricks up and roll.

When you have to get under a power line (built extra high in the desert exactly for this reason), just unpin a section, lay it over and carry on. Time's a wastin.'

I am not sure I'd want to be riding on the racking board while going under this high voltage stuff, but that's just me. I got knocked on my ass by some 240, 3 phase one time; my hair stood up like Buckwheat for a week and I acted like that little kid on Jurassic Park who got caught in the electrified T-Rex fence.


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