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This is a joint in Dallas called El Balero's; a new kind of place, I think. I guess a lot of big oil corporations are headquartered in Dallas, and there is all those gazillions of Barnett gas wells up there, but other than that I don't have much to say about Dallas. Its too far away from Ranger, or Burkburnett to really call it oily. This joint would be a place for "digital wildcatters," or the EFT crowd at Twitter, to go after sitting in front of a computer all day.

I don't like big cities and if your going to Dallas, hell, you might as well be in Oklahoma and who in the hell wants to go there unless you have to?

Having said all that, this joint appears to have a pretty good fajita plate.

BUT, here is the kicker...El Balero's has got a margarita it calls, ta-da..."The Oilman."

Its black, has got some high dollar tequila in it, lime juice, agave juice and Cointreau Noir to make it look like 42 gravity Vicksburg oil. They do something to the top of the drink, like sprinkle it with rock salt, then crystalize it to make it look like BS&W, or paraffin. I hope you don't have to pick the little stars out of your teeth later.

The downside, besides Dallas, is these things cost $18 a pop. So three of them will cost you a barrel of unhedged WTI, with a tip.

Waitress, I'll have me another one of these here "oilmen" when you get a chance, please. When I've spent 2 barrels, cut me off and call me a cab, will ya?

A lot of the unnecessary expenditures around my household are qualified by the number of barrels required to pay for it. For instance, a new refrigerator might cost 10 barrels, or to fix the AC, 6.5 barrels. "Oh good grief, how many barrels did THAT cost?!!


There was a time not too long ago when fixing the lawnmower might have cost 36 barrels. When your household budget is based on net barrels per day, THAT, was all a VERY depressing couple of months. I might have gotten thru all that better had I known how to make 5 gallon buckets of "Oilmen."


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