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Happy Birthday, Ya 'Ol Bastard

This old bastard and I share the same August birthday; though I am year older than it is we both creak and groan at about the same audible levels. Every time I drive by this well I am reminded that indeed, none of this getting older shit is for sissies.

Its now across the 540,000 BO mark and still making money at 2.5 BOPD. I place its ROI at about 135:1 in 71 years, a slight difference in 1.35: 1 ROI for an $11MM HZ Wolfcamp well in Howard County. This well's lift costs are just north of $17 a barrel.

We be mates, this well and me. We both are full of never give up.

We'd have to ask my mom and dad, if we could, what my ROI is after 72 years; not near as much, I fear. My dad, the engineer, would frown at the question and want to figure it all out on his slide rule.

Same well, above, the same sun coming up every morning.

I sold this field not too long ago with a covenant sealed by a hand shake with the Buyer. This well does not go until after I do.

A deal's a deal, right?


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