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Cartoon Of the Month

Decembers cartoon of the month year is an appropriate repeat of 2019's Cartoon Of the Year. The only difference is that since 2019 America has burned thru 8,000-10,000 more HZ tight oil locations, more capital, more fresh water, more burned off associated gas, exported about 2 billion barrels of oil to foreign countries and we now have less of the stuff to spare... for our own long term energy security.

Click it, but don't buy into the rhetoric. Whatever short term "pain" at the pump American consumers might feel if HZ tight oil exports were reduced would be short lived. If $4 gasoline is painful now, wait until the Permian Basin is drilled up, like the Bakken, and gasoline is $6.

Its a marathon, not a sprint and keeping American oil in America would be a "gift" to our children and their future.


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