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Cartoon Of the Month

Truth be known, America would likely be running out of diesel anyway as we starve for middle distillate grade oils that make diesel. The shale oil gig sucked all the capital away from hunting mid/low-gravity conventional oil in the US over a decade ago. The largest source of middle distillate grade crude oil in the world is just south of the US, but stranded for geopolitical reasons.

Obama, Trump and Biden played an equal role in not properly managing what America does have a lot of, at least for now, and that is light, tight oil that makes good gasoline. No refineries were built or revamped to manage America's bounty, so we burn 4.5 MM BOPD of light tight oil in the US and export the other 4.5 MM BOPD to foreign countries. The net result is that America is now the largest oil producer in the world, and the largest oil consumer in the world, and we live hand to mouth. Here today, gone tomorrow. More Wolfcamp oil goes straight to the beach and put on a boat.

I always have to laugh that by the time the Energy Inaccuracy Agency lets us know what US tight oil "reserves" use to be two years ago, they've declined by 65%. True reserve to tight oil production (R/P) ratios would probably make you sweat bullets anyway.

Russian grades of oil make good diesel, but we have sanctioned those wankers and they are now reducing diesel exports anyway. The East is digging in for its own benefit, with China in charge.

In the West we pretty much have our heads up our ass with nobody in charge. The coyote's guard the chicken coop.

In the US we can't change refineries, build news ones, or build pipe out of Canada for fear of offending somebody, and we're mind set on teaching Venezuela a lesson about Democracy, so have sanctioned them too. In the meantime we're draining ourselves dry of shale oil and within three years hindsight will be all we have left in the US.

Try filling your pickup with that.


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