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Big Mama-Jama

This is a big, brand new 3000 HP, electric "super rig" owned by Grey Wolf (Precision) Drilling Company being rigged up in Kuwait City in 2017, I believe. This is a big sumbitch and is set to work for KOC in Burgan drilling deep, extended reach horizontal wells.

This monster is self-elevating. The drill floor and platform allow a cantilevered mast to be installed at ground level. The mast and substructure raise into working position and hydraulic cylinders at the sides of the mast act as bumpers. This is what is commonly called a "slingshot" substructure and the really cool video, above, shows the entire rig being raised to working position. If you've never seen a rig like this raised, its slicker than snot.

Here is the same rig, No. 902, rigged up and working in Burgan Field. If you are curious why the rig floor needs to be almost 40 feet high, high enough to require an elevator up, and a slide down, its because of the BOP components under it are themselves 25 feet high. That looks to be a 13 5/8ths 15,ooo PSI stack to me. The Texas floor on this hoss, is as big as my living room at the house.

Oilmen are funny about rigs; they occasionally speak about them among one another like they were women...some have big hips, others wide shoulders, some are squatty, or tall and lanky, others have too big a backyard, or look to be high maintenance, low maintenance, temperamental or just have nice racking boards. Some are just plain good lookin' while others flat put the 'ug in ugly.

I had a buddy in the well control business that though the only rig worth looking at was one that was on fire.


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