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53 Feet and Drilling Ahead

This is a beautiful thing.

This rig has its own closed mud circulating system, a rotary table, draw-works and slick line drum... with its own hand crank. Back the rig up, take the tires off the back and initiate the blocking of the rig to make it level. No leveling jacks or self-leveling hydraulic system on this baby, no sir. A square shovel, wooden blocks and shims is all you need. Roll your chains over the proper sprockets, tighten them up and your ready to spud.

Please note the break handle on the draw-works drum driven by the rear axel of the truck. The mud/water tank has a clean out and a pressure gauge. I am not sure about the hook load capacity on the derrick but whatever it is you'd never reach 50% of it with the existing power train, probably a four cylinder engine under the hood. This rig would be drilling shallow water wells, or core hole tests. All it lacks is OilyStuffBlog stickers on the doors.

The fella(s) that built this rig deserve a Nobel Prize.


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