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Friday Night Lights

Click on this image and watch in real time how gas flaring has grown in Texas and North Dakota from January 1, 2018 to February 15, 2020

You can tinker with the Sky Truth satellite image, above, all you want and zero in on any area in the world you wish. If you chose the Permian Basin in Texas remember that flaring exists in West Texas so the Permian Basin can produce 3.9MM BPD of light tight oil (TRRC data 11.19;

Below is the most recent EIA data for 2020 that shows 91% of all that Permian Basin LTO is effectively being exported to foreign countries. That LTO production is essentially extracted on credit and public and private shale oil companies operating in Texas are up to their hard hats in long term debt. Shale oil's profitability, and therefore its long term sustainability, is of great debate.

You decide for yourself if these oil exports benefit the long term energy security of America and who, exactly, benefits from the associated gas being flared to facilitate these oil exports.


Mike Shellman, aligned with conservative Republican idealism, has been a proud Texas oil and natural gas operator in Texas for over 40 years. He does not flare and is methane emission compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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