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'Ya Missed a Spot... well map, Midland Basin.

The people that are hollering about more domestic oil production in our great nation as a means of lowering the price of oil, gasoline, heating oil, etc. are lying to you.

American refiners cannot absorb more than 5MM BOPD of tight oil; they are not geared up to handle anymore. Every additional barrel of tight oil now brought to market...will simply get exported and does NOT benefit the average American consumer.

Exports don't help long term energy security in our country; that's a lie to. We've been exporting crude oil since 2016, nearly 5 Gbo of it so far. Who thinks 5 billion barrels of oil is something OUR kids won't need in the future.

I hope your sitting down...ALL hydrocarbon resources deplete in time, even the mighty Permian Basin tight oil play is poopin' out already, just like the Eagle Ford and Bakken have. What's next after we drain our nations basin resource beds?

Nothing. That'll be all she wrote.


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