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The Shale Gas Industry In One Photo

I am pretty sure this is Hayneville stuff in Louisiana; if they zipper frac all five of the damn things at once the MO is to complete them all at once in a mad dash to sell gas at less than $2.25 per MCF.

On the bottom of todays completion reports the daily well costs for all five of these little darlings will be over $200K, easy, and cumulative well costs are likely way up there around $30,000,000 range...and still counting. Four of these wells appear to be getting frac plugs drilled out of them, or production tubing run, under pressure, with snubbing units.

Man it takes a lot of B's to pay that kind of mullah out.

Would you be risking your own hard money to do this in a volatile commodity market like natural gas, subject to the whims of weather, in a world already saturated with natural gas?

Hell no you wouldn't.

THIS is all other people's money at work, borrowed money, and if things go south the person(s) that borrowed this money are personally off the hook. They'll skate. This is the state of the American oil and gas industry now, most everything is done on borrowed capital.

How is that going to work out for our nation in the long term?

If you think that OPEC and Russia do not understand this about the United States, you are nuts. They know exactly how much room America has left to run with shale oil and shale gas. They are keeping prices just at the right level for America to drain itself dry.

Then OPEC and Russia will be back in the drivers seat.


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