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The Biggest Blunder in US Energy Policy History

The exporting of America's last, remaining oil resources, extracted on credit, a large portion of its associated gas wasted up a flare stack and frac'ed with valuable valuable groundwater from an arid part of West Texas, will prove to be the biggest blunder in five decades of misaligned US energy policy.

Soon, too.

The four week rolling average for US exports, all of which is light, tight oil, is now 3.5 MM BOPD. All of this comes from Texas, a little from the Eagle Ford, over 90% of it from the last refuge for America's long term energy security, the Permian Basin.

Exporting is costing America dearly and, short of a few really high paying jobs in an isolated area, its not benefiting the American consumer at all at the gas pump or burner tip. Our Federal monetary system is carrying over $145B of public and private deployed capital and equity (debt) invested in the Permian Basin HZ tight oil play... for a measly 200K BOPD of net production, after all exports.

If you have children you love and want a good life for, speak up against oil exports. Our kids are going to need all the hydrocarbons they can get their hands on. If we drain those hydrocarbons now, for exports, and leave them nothing but debt, they're likely to be pretty pissed.

Its NEVER to late to start saving for the future.


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