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Seven Sisters; 1994

Photo by Mike Shellman

Amoco, 1994; Seven Sisters Field, Duval County, Texas.

The drill pipe had to be cut below rig floor via sand line sawing. The rig could then be skidded back away from the well with the biggest block and tackle/rig up you can imagine. It then took only on dozer to move the rig, still standing, and it was a big son of a bitch. If you ever run across anything on how big rigs are skidded away from blowing wells, pay attention. Its cooler that snot.

Once the rig was out of the way the old stack was unbolted and picked up with a crane and set aside. At pick up the ring gasket got launched, never to be seen again. I was lucky to have timed the photo just right for that; the ring gasket photo was published in several magazines including World Oil.

In the top photo the well is now ready to be capped and put on diverter.


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