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Preserving Red's History

Jason Theriot, PhD, is a very proud coon-ass doing big work for his beloved Lousiana offshore oil and industry. I enjoyed my time with him and I am pleased to introduce you to his website, which you may access by clicking on the image above.

Please don't be upset with my use of that term, Jason would be proud. It is a term of endearment in Louisiana and one they are all very proud of. I am, for them.

Here is a terrific interview with Red that Jason did in 1998, six years before Red's passing in 2004.

The first part of Red's talk he speaks of Shell's big, Bay Marchand blowout in 1969. I had written extensively of Bay Marchand several times and thus my introduction to Dr. Theriot.

Please click either one of these photos to read about Bay Marchand if you have not already. It was a helluva blowout.

Over the years I have had some awesome feed back about my research about Bay Marchand, none more meaningful to me than this one below. Please click on that image to read the post.

Jason asked me to do this, below, with him a year or so ago. I am proud to be on the same sound track with my old hero, Red. You may click to listen.

I strongly suggest you delve into Dr. Jason's work, it is very, very interesting.


History shows all of us how to deal with the present, the future. We're not near as smart as those before us and it is a big mistake to ignore the past. They had less to work with back then and made the best of it based on instincts, experiecne, guts and the will to survive.

Red knew all He and Boots, Coots, Joe, and Pat, and Myron and Patton and a few after them..they all had big nuts. They had sort of a passion for life and seeing things thru, to the end, many have now lost.

In other words, they got the damn job done, went to the house, had a drink, and waited for the next one. Without all the bullshit.


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