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Peace River; 1951

Another Solidified Natural Gas (SNG) project in a conventional gas play in the Peace River area of Alberta, Canada in 1951. The well blew wet gas for four months and made a nice solid ice sculpture. In this photo the well is still blowing gas; it eventually bridged, or simply froze itself solid, I don't know which.

Peace River is just a little west and south of Fort McMurray and both it, and the Athabasca, are the two largest oil sand projects in all of Alberta. There were some conventional plays in the area in dolomites that produced lots of natural gas in the 1940's and 1950's.


Alberta is an interesting province, a harsh climate to work in, and a vital source of hydrocarbons that America has completely turned its back on for some very stupid reason. Canada has always been a good neighbor, an amazing source of imported oil and natural gas to the US, and one nation in the world we never had to send troops to or lose lives for, or spend billions of tax payer dollars on, to protect. It imports a lot of light tight oil from us, the fact that we don't import heavy oil for blending from them, sucks.


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