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Lolly Gaggin'

This is a good place to hide on a drilling rig, over where the mud man is mixing mud.

On daylight towers (tours) the tool-pusher will wake up from his afternoon nap, grumpy, and want to stir everybody's oatmeal up. If you are a hand, and highly visible, chances are good he'll nab you and tell you to start wire brushing shit, or scraping paint, or, worse, actually painting something. Ug! THATS the worse ! I had a tool-pusher give me a paint brush and a can of blue paint one time and say, 'hand, I don't want to see your skinny ass the rest of the day, if it is not moving, paint it! '

So, if you have a little spare time it's best to stay these hands are doing. They're all down (supposedly) helping cut sacks of gel, but they're actually just lolly gagin.' This is a good place to visit with your buds, talk about what joint to visit after work, and not get nabbed by the tool-pusher.

Over by the mud funnel is also a pretty good place to catch a little nap on an evening tower too. You can cut a few sacks of gel and start jetting the pits, or mud tanks, lean up against the tank wall and fall plum asleep, standing up, for 3-4 minutes at a time. It'll make you feel like a new man. If the driller needs you, or its time to make a connection, he'll sound the horn; until then it's a good idea sometimes to lay low.

If you hated to paint as much as I did another good place to hide, and look busy, was under the rig floor. You could get 5 gallon bucket of diesel and a scrub brush and go clean the BOP stack. If you got caught down there you usually got a big 'ol fat brownie point. What the hell, ANYTHING is better than painting.

Tool pushers that are 'hand hunting' will always nab the easy prey first. So always avoid the water jug in the dog house; THATS a big no-no. If you get caught there the first thing you mutter to yourself is oh shit and the expression on your face will be like a deer in somebody headlights. If you get caught lolly gaggin' in the dog house you pretty much deserve whatever stinking painting job you get. You can then remind yourself to never make THAT mistake again and hope you don't.


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