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Like Green Grass Through a Goose

Milling casing and drilling out cement squeezes the past two weeks we've gone thru enough diesel to float a $4.85 a gallon.

Before folks start getting mad at the oil industry, again, for all the money its making at $100, consider that you can't find anybody that wants to work, everything costs 2 times what it did a year ago, if you can even find the shit, and while your waiting for that shit to arrive, which now takes months, your production is down or off, completely. Annual insurance to renew plugging bonds, or liability coverage; you can send your kid to Texas Tech for a year for what THAT costs. Anything in the oilfield that starts with the letter 's,' holy have to get a 2nd mortgage on your home for that stuff.

And about the time we get that all sorted back out, the tight oil sector will oversupply the world market, piss OPEC off, again, and the price will be back to $55.

A word of advice from an old oilfield hand that cares...ignore 99.999% of the horse shit you hear these days. Everybody lies about everything. If the person you want to listen to has operated oil wells, owned working interest and worked from a check book, in other words, money in v. money out, he or she is worth listening to. Not me necessarily, I'm nobody, but people like me who've been there, done that. You'll always get a different, more realistic take on things than you will get from internet experts.

In any case, filling up at the pump these days is like selling a horse...


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