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Its Not Like This...

or this...

How do people actually work when they're doing this crap all the time?

Its sure not like this stuff, either:

For small stripper well operators in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas and Texas, its like this.....

Ms. Catherine's hands after 9 hours of coating the top of fiberglass water tanks...

...or its Mike's hands, after the freeze in February '21. Dirty, bruised, cut, broken finger; 70 years old. Looking for a scotch and soda to get a hold of, and four Advil, in that precise order.

Or its Ms. Pootie after a long day of painting cattleguards; orange, of course.

Its family. Trying to make a tough living out one of the hardest career paths there is...find stuff that is millions of years old, down in the dark where you can't see, get it out the ground and make money doing it.

No getting on CNBC to whine about OPEC, no dumb statements about living in Saudi America, or about 1.4MM BOE EUR's. We don't cheat royalty owners or vendors, no non-GAPP horseshit; no lying and no debt, no CEO compensations at the expense of loyal employees. No government PPP handouts, no short cuts, no pleading with investors for more patience. And its no deferred Federal income tax carry forwards... its paying federal income taxes every year and being damn proud to do it.

Google "shale oil news" and you'll be covered up; that's all anybody cares about. Google conventional oil news, or stripper well news and you won't read a word. 45% of America's oil production, most of it out of debt and declining at <5% per year, not 45%... and nobody cares.

In the end we do what we for the kids; yours, ours, every kid in America and hope for their lives. Maybe they will live a fossil fueless life, maybe not. Why take the chance?

America Needs ALL of America's Oil.


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