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Hunt County; 1930

Sometimes you gotta accept the hand that got dealt you and make the best of it.

Here's a well in Hunt County in far N.E. Texas in 1930 that blew out and made a helluva crater. It was capped in the bottom of the hole, nippled up, and put to the tanks. I am not sure if that is drill pipe blown out of the hole in the crater walls; looks more like flowlines to me. This might present a problem checking the well when it rains, but that is what they make boats for.

Okeedokee, so when you have to rig back up on this well to work on it, where do you zero all your measurements from? If the GL use to be 857.0 ft. and height to the KB was 4.5 feet, and now the GL is 793.5 ft., what's KB now and do you add or subtract?

This question is designed to confuse most of my consultant buddies and ALL shale oil analysts on the internet who don't have a clue what I am even talking about.


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