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Happy Fall, Y'all !

Wes-Tex Rig 3, 1960; somewhere near San Angelo. From the Portal to Texas History

By the time I worked for Wes-Tex Drilling Company in the 1970's, Rig 3 was pretty much cold stacked in the yard in Abilene, wore plum out. I worked on Rig... hell, I don't remember what number that rig was but we drilled Canyon Sand wells around Sonora ( Sutton County), with air. The subsurface out there was in the caverous, highly vugular Val Verde Basin and Sonora Sub-Basin and it was impossible to drill the top 6,000 feet of those wells with fluids because of lost returns. Sometimes you could drill through a cave and not take a point on the weight indicator for 100 feet. So we blew cuttings out the hole with big air compressors.

By the way, if you ever have a chance to visit the Caverns of Sonora, please do so; it is one of the most beautiful, live caves in the world.

We could RU and drill 7,000 foot vertical Canyon wells, RD and move to the next one in 5 days. I never worked so hard in my life. About the time you made a drill pipe connection, pee'd off the rig floor, ate a BP & J samich and got drink of water at the community jug, it was time to make another connection. I never sat down on that rig for 6 months.

But I was young, tough, and thankful.

As I am today for my beliefs in God, my country and my family. Very, very thankful.

And I am thankful for the readers I have at Thank you.

Happy Fall, Y'all...and Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone.


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