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Clean Up On Aisle Four

The Russkies are not adverse to making a stinking mess; never have been. Some of their oilfields over yonder are an environmental nightmare.

Here's a big 'ol stinking mess of connection mud that's likely flying everywhere and freezing solid when it sticks. The rig floor is probably like a skating rink. I think I see a little snow on the back up tongs behind the drill pipe so maybe this drilling mud helps add some heat to the rig floor enclosure. Maybe hands can't wash anything down between connections because it turns everything to ice; don't know. I'll stay here in S. Texas though.

I worked for toolpusher on a big 1500 HP rig one time when I was a kid and he was absolutely anal about cleanliness on the rig floor. He'd holler... goddamnit, I want be able to set my white bread sandwich on anything on this floor, including the damn floor itself, and be able to pick it up again and eat it. You warms get this shit cleaned up !!

When this man said, jump! you asked, politely, how high, sir?


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