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Repeat Cartoon Of the Week

When sweet spots in 7-8 counties of the Permian Basin are drilled up and gassed out, only capable of 200,000 barrel EUR's of 50 gravity Wolfcamp oil...what's America to do?

The United States is the largest oil and condensate consumer in the entire world. The personal freedom we all enjoy is much about the ability to move about in personal vehicles; that will be lost. We are decades from a rational, affordable transition to renewables that ALL Americans can benefit from; please don't buy those lies. Without abundant oil our country will no longer have the ability to defend itself in matters of national emergency. Our ability to grow food and raise beef will be jeopardized; the competitive edge our nation has always held, that made us the greatest economic powerhouse the world has ever known, was built on cheap, abundant domestic energy. That is all going to come to an end, much sooner than you think or want to accept.

What are we going to do? The Monterey shale in California, the Avalon in the Illinois Basin?

What's Plan B?

It will NOT be that we can look toward the East for help, for more oil imports. Those days are all over.

Ten years ago I posed the probability that the US tight oil phenomena and the manner in which it was being so grossly mismanaged, all the blatant lies about it, were going to prove harmful to our country.

We are now beginning to see what I meant by that.


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