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Cartoon Of the Week

Trump was of a misled, confused mind to drain America's remaining oil resources completely dry on borrowed money. Biden, Warren and other progressive liberals like John Kerry are plum out of their minds and set on getting every American into EV's as fast as possible, also on borrowed money. We print money so fast in the United States we're going to run out trees before you know it.

America always struggles with hydrocarbon policies, whomever is rowing the boat. A nations sovereignty is partially measured in its natural resource wealth and how those resources are managed for the long term. Its called energy security. Everyone in the world gets that... except the United States. Here we can't seem to think past next week if there is buck to be made.

OPEC has always been a keen observer of the American shale oil phenomena; its not stupid about oil well economics and understands the hurdles facing unprofitable, tight oil extraction. Many Middle East engineers were educated in Texas.

So, OPEC has taken a great deal of its oil off the world oil market over the years and is quite content to watch the US LTO sector stumble around over-drilling sweet spots, GOR and WOR getting higher and higher, while unregulated private enterprise in America depletes its last oil resources and gets deeper and deeper in debt.

OPEC will be back in the driver's seat before you know it.

That was the plan all along.


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