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Cartoon of the Weak

I'm sorry; this is two weaks in a row.

I think my country's energy security is systematically being destroyed. I can't hep myself.

Biden promised in Janaury 2024 to refill the SPR by the end of year. The price of oil kept going up and within 45 days he crawfished on that promise.

I don't think there is enough oil left in the SPR to lower the price of gasoline much more between now and November, but you can bet your booties, even with the threat of war to the US, on three fronts, volumes in the SPR are going down. Your gasoline is about to get kinda salty.

Now this....

"It's hard to see the Biden administration...try to cut or curb Iranian oil exports in any meaningful way,." --Scott Modell, CEO of Rapidan Energy Group

"That legislation could increase crude prices by as much as $8.40 a barrel, which would add 20 cents per gallon for gasoline." --ClearView Energy Partners…

This chicken shit outfit in Washington right now will say, and do, anything to buy your vote. If you think I'm lying, go enroll in college. It'll be free. I will have to pay for it, after 67 years of hard manual labor in the oilfield... and only a hope of ever finishing college.


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