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Cartoon Of the Month

If you and your family are is running out of food, when do you stop trying to feed the entire neighborhood ?

How neighborly will your neighbors be when your your family is hungry and in time of need?

If exporting the very last of our nation's hydrocarbon resources is good for the country now, those exports must past the test of time and prove to have always have been good for our country.


This statement on the left is an "exploitation" of the truth. It is self serving. There will come a day, soon, when a reasonable, affordable transition to renewable energy will not be complete, but the only oil America has left is in the Permian, in $12MM, 200K BOE Wolfcamp increments.

We will wish we had put our nation's long term energy security before dividends and saved for OUR country's future. OPEC will no longer want to export oil to the US and our great nation will come to a stop, in every sense of the word, out of gas.

Family (America) First !


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