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As a Token Of Our Appreciation...

For COVID-19 "imports" to the US, all the deaths, sickness, heartache and economic ruin its caused our nation and the rest of the world, please allow the US shale oil sector to show our gratitude by exporting you as much HZ, tight oil from Texas as you want...below costs.

As further proof of our sincere appreciation, please know that selling HZ, tight oil production requires that we waste the snot out of its associated gas and that we have to use valuable groundwater to frac for it, in a drought plagued region of West Texas. But hell, what are friends for? And for crying out loud, don't worry about all the money we have to borrow to get the stuff out of the ground. We can ALWAYS get more printed, anytime. No problemos.

Sorry, we meant to say, 没问题.

Pretty please, if you are storing the stuff for the future (we don't believe in conservation, or long term energy security in the US) it'd be really good if you won't use it to go to war with us someday. That would be embarrassing. Can you promise you won't do that?

Thanks. If the US can trust Iran with nuclear weapons we'll trust anybody. You are a valued customer to the shale oil industry and Lord knows we need the money; interest on debt is killing us.

Thanks again for everything. We expect to start over-drilling, again, shortly; look for falling prices and some LTO fire sales by August. If you need any more intellectual property just help yourself and, oh, by the way...can you send us some more firecrackers whenever you get a chance? Its important, for appearance sake, that we keep the balance of trade as close to possible.

Your Friends,

The US Shale Oil Sector


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