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Embarrassing To This 'Ol Hand...

These lobbyists, or paid cheerleading teams, like Energy Strong, the API, IPAA, TOGA, etc. etc. are now an embarrassment to the oil industry I grew up in the past 70 years.

The price of oil is $115 and natural gas is over $8; the tight oil sector, which is all anybody has the cranial capacity to analyze anymore, or write about, just had the best quarter in its history for free cash flow. Pundits now claim its set to earn over $170 billion in net revenue in 2022; big integrated majors recorded double digit billions of net revenue last quarter. The tight oil industry is STILL whining like little girls about politics, no capital (?!!), regulatory overreach, no pipelines, not enough LNG export terminals...good grief! Shut up! Harold Hamm on Fox Business News earlier this week made me want to rip the America Needs America's Oil bumper sticker off the back of my pickup.

American's are starting to put two and two together and question oil and LNG exports, while gasoline is $4.25 and natural gas at the house is over $24. Why piss them off, more than they already are by whining about politics and still not having enough capital? That does not help my industry, it hurts it. It also speeds up the process in which the majority of Americans want to do away with fossil fuels and get on to Flintstone cars. Why keep lying about more light, tight oil production from the Permian helping lower gasoline prices when everybody KNOWS it just gets exported away?

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