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A Warm Day At the Office

Here is a few Cudd boys cutting away some sub-structure, I think, on a not very big rig that has melted inward and downward, the rotary table now sitting on top of the stack and bell nipple. They are using a cutting torch...hey, it's not like they'll set anything on fire or anything. This is very warm situation to be in, don't kid yourself; the tin helps a lot but these good men won't be in this situation long without water being sprayed on them. This is a quickie, in and out thing.

Once the substructure is cut away properly they'll be able to drag the sub-structure away from the stack, clear everything and begin to cut drill pipe, squirt the little fire out and/or unbolt the drilling spool and stack for recapping. I stole this photo off LinkedIn a few years ago; I have friends that worked for Cudd Well Control many years, and now know old well control hands from way back who work for Cudd. Good men, one and all. I'd credit this photo to somebody but I don't know who.

On the left we are doing the same thing, cutting away sub-structure with a torch, to be able to slide it all out of way. The little fire is higher above everyone's heads and there is water keeping matters cooler.

James and Joe, Downtown Victoria, Texas; 1993.


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