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$500 a Day !!

$500 a day seemed like a log of money to me back then. It was enough, even if it was often 14 hours a day and hard, manual labor that would otherwise kill an ordinary fella. I was living a dream I'd had since a little boy and it was fun, a tremedous middle-age crisis blocker; I learned a lot about myself, problem solving and what it meant to watch your fellow man's back. I was a proud son of a bitch.

God knows I did a lot more dangerous shit in my life than well control work for 500 bucks a day. I got close to killing myself several times roughnecking on drilling rigs for $6 bucks an hour and later in life, as an operator, I came close to killing myself often, for nothing.

I use to think if I worked hard enough I could get it all done before I died, then found out I was working so hard I was killing myself.

Some really nice, respectful millineals on Twitter, seasoned oilmen they were, one and all, I am sure, told me the other day that the shale business wasn't for old men and I should try selling used cars.

So, I got THAT going for me.


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