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This is a drilling rig in Russia that is now WRR (waiting on rig repairs). The entire BOP stack broke plum off below the surface casing head and is now laid over under the rig floor. Above the Texas floor is what looks to be some form of Hydrill and then a bunch of riser spools stacked on top of each other to extend the bell nipple. The drilling spool below the rams is tiny and the pump in and bleed off lines are extended way out, like long, heavy arms, all of which added to the stress on the casing head. It may or may not have been guided out, or braced, in any case too much wobblin' around broke the whole thing off.

There are two hands standing on a sub floor just looking, as if to say...oh shit, whose gonna get an ass eatin' over this mess? In Russian, I'm sure. They may or may not already be pulling on a bottle of vodka, who knows.

I've seen some shit in the oilfield over the past 60 years. This is a goodun.'

Nostrovia !!

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