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Photograph Of the Week

It's hard to describe how hot it is in Texas right now; I often say that if people from up north and/or California would visit Texas in late July and August they'd never come back...which would tickle me plum to death.

On a limestone or W. Texas caliche pad, by 16:00 hrs. its 115 degrees, easy. If there is no breeze you are working in a pizza oven. A hand never takes his gloves off in this heat because wrenches, or cheater pipes, whatever it is you pick up is so hot it will blister your skin instantly. If you seek help en la sombra, in the shade, it'll feel like a hunyed. That's the only "relief" your gonna get.

One way to get around it is to start early, before first light. It can be a pleasant 70 degrees then and you can get it...until about noon. Then you have to be careful about what you eat, drink lots of water and your good for another 3 hours, then that's all she wrote. You can be home by 17:00 hours, turn the AC down to light snow and catch a nap till supper, or drink a few cold ones and then be in the rack by 22:00 because its early to bed and early to rise when it gets this hot.

In the photo above Mike Rasco and his boys are warming up engines and getting a last swig of coffee, waiting on daylight. It's about 06:00 and it's the best time of the day.

From here, it's all downhill.

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