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Oklahoma City; 1939. Beer was 10 cents and a ham and cheese sandwich was 15 cents. I reckon there were some brawls at this joint on a Saturday night.

Oklahoma City Oil Field was discovered south of town in 1928, in the Arbuckle dolomite. A few years later some really nice Wilcox sands were discovered on the same anticline and within the city limits. They made some war horse wells in the Wilcox and OKC Field went on to produce over 1G BOE oil and gas and played a big role in fueling America's war efforts in Europe during the early 40s'.

The apex of the Wilcox structure sat right on top of the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds and none other than Phillips Petroleum Company, naturally, from Bartlesville, drilled the Petunia No. 1 right outside the capitol's front door. It IP'd for 600 BOPD and produced for 30 years before being plugged in the mid 1980's.

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