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Happy Birthday, Big Mama

119 years ago today, January 10, 1901, Spindletop came roaring to life in Southeast Texas and the beginning of oil era commenced.

She was awesome in her debut and the ensuing development of the salt dome was nothing short of spectacular with oil blowing everywhere, massive earthen pits containing millions of barrels of oil on fire, oil soaked men running around from well to well and city folks from Houston standing around gawking, trying to figure out a way to make buck from the entire spectacle.

Initial development (Lucas) on the dome was at its structural apex, a surface high on an otherwise flat, featureless coastal plain. Spindletop 2.0 in 1925 (Yount-Lee) led to flank development of stacked Frio and Miocene aged claystic sands pinched out against the salt feature.

In the end she gave up about 75MM BO.

Don't pass thru Beaumont without going to see the's worth it.

If you are IN the oil business it is a right of passage.

Happy Birthday Spindletop !!

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