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Workover rig operators are worth their weight in pure platinum. They are incredibly smart and ever watchful, even in the middle of hours and hours of repetitious boredom. As master and commander of their "ship" they can rig up, rig down, pump fluids, take kicks, fix shit and almost always get everybody home to their families at quitting time. Most good operators I know can feel their rig. I had one once that could always tell me within 2,000 pounds how much over string weight we had, with the weight indicator covered. He knew where his BHA was at all times, could tell you when fluid was rounding the corner almost to the minute and his pipe tallies were always pretty close to mine (sorta). That dude taught me how to think in Spanish. I miss him, a lot.

Yes sir; I will take a good rig operator, and a fair toolpusher, over a wormy consultant any day of the week.

Its a beautiful thing to watch, a good workover crew. They are the backbone of the oil industry. Buy them lunch, give them beer money now and then and remember, Christmas is just around the corner.


My dad taught me how to fly before I was 16. Above the left seat control panel was a label glued on the dashboard that said ENGAGE BRAIN. Its a good thing to remember in all things oily.

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