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Surge Energy dug the Medusa C 28-09 #3H well earlier this year in Borden County, a Wolfcamp well, to a record setting TMD of 24,592 feet. The lateral is over 3 miles long and cost about the same amount of money it would take to send 341 kids to Texas Tech for a year. You can read more about this monster on Oily Stuff, here.

We promised we would stay abreast of this well to see if it was ever going to reach payout and well...word is its making a lot of water and there is still hope it will turn around... but so far it no looky too bueno:

All oil wells start to die the minute they are born; some take longer to die than others. If a well is going to decline 73% before its first birthday it's always a good idea to "start" out in life as big as possible, so to speak, with a really high initial potential. 349 BOPD and an ocean of water is NOT a good place to start. By this time next year she'll be limping along at 90 BOPD, and an ocean of water.

How's that for a...Gargon?

If it perks up we'll holler back.

Click to enlarge and many thanks to Enno Peters and

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