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Merry Christmas !!

For 18 years I drew Christmas cards and sent them to over 300 different working interest and royalty owners, service providers, suppliers and friends. As young as six years old my daughter and I would sit at the kitchen table in the evenings and hand color every card with highlight pens before mailing them all out. It was our way of saying thank you.

World Oil Magazine, 1993

Thank y'all very much for showing interest in Oily Stuff this past year, the first full year we've been in "business," so to speak. I rant and rave about things that I believe are important to our hydrocarbon future in the world, but also want to make it as fun as possible. History is important. Some of the well control stuff I write about, the stories that were told to me by Myron Kinley's family, Red, Boots and Coots, are priceless. I fear a lot of the 'old days' will be lost forever soon.

This shale oil thing; its not working. If you want to know if an oil well, covey of oil wells, a field, trend or play works economically, ask a stripper well operator. We tell no lies and every dollar counts. The post I made last week titled, Christmas Cheer to US Shale Oil Industry got over 10,000 views on LinkedIn. That's pretty cool for a dumb ass roughneck from Flatonia.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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